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Ghetto Photoshoot for Youmacon 08

I'm officially calling together a Ghetto cosplay gathering for Youmacon of this year. It's been awhile since we've done this and lots of us will be at Youma, so I think it's the perfect time to show off some bad costumes!


1. Any anime / video game / manga you want to do is fine. I'm ruling out L and Light from Death Note now though as those are TOO easy.

2. Don't spend over ten bucks.

3. People have to be able to tell who you're cosplaying.

4. Do the best you can with the worst materials. Broadcloth, duct tape, cardboard, garbage bags etc are all fair game! Ghetto fabulous is the order of the day!

5. Feel free to "Amano" it up.

And, please, by all means get everyone else in on this! Rogue, Flexei, Izuro, CC Will, whomever is going to Youmacon should look just as ghettolicious as we will!
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