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Anime Punch weirdness

Alright guys, I know not everyone was planning on entering the craftsmanship portion of the contest at AP, however, for those of us that are...there's some kinda odd info in their rules that I thought you should know:

" You will be judged on overall effect, as well as craftsmanship, persona, and attitude. We are not simply looking to see that you are a dexterous tailor/seamstress, we are looking to see how well you can become your character, or how well your character becomes a part of you. In short, don’t just make an costume and put it on, WEAR the outfit, and wear it well! Dazzle us.

If you did not make your costume, don’t be afraid to tell us during judging. Give credit where credit is due. While we will take a look at the technical skill, it is only one of many areas we look at during cosplay judging. If we give an award, we want to make sure the proper parties get the credit due to them just as much as you will."

So...this is kinda weird.  First of all, it's not craftsmanship, at least not completely.  And it looks like even commissioned costumes are ok o_O;;  So...I guess I want to see if people still want to do "judging" in addition to a skit.  I think in this case, for me at least, I'm not going to bother with Masquerain (at least for AP), and instead I'm gonna do Sudowoodo because heck, why put in much effort for this?  Anyways, let me know what you guys think, plus what you want to do skit-wise.
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