Jentelynn (psyco_nurse) wrote in sexynyo,

Pokeman dilemma?

Soo I decided to join everyone on the human pokemons. Since I hung out with Tracy yesterday and she kinda got me back in the loop. All the pokemon are cute and I am stuck between three pokemon T_T I dunno which three to do.
Phione or One of the Porygons. I Don't know which one it is ooorrrr Ivysaur

What do you guys thing. I don't really want to do anything too complicated. And i suppose Ivysaur is kinda Complicated but Ivysaur is my favorite pokemon i have to say ^^; other than like Pikachu aandd yeah ANYWAYS so yeah ^^;;

Uhm. Im going to attempt to go to Anime North. I just need to ask to switch Weekends that I requested off. And as far as Anime Punch. Im not sure. Hopefully I'll get Friday or Saturday or both off so I can come down ^^. Also im not sure how far into April the SSBB tournament is going im sure not too far into April but I know Adam wants me with him atleast up to the finals ^^; if he makes it that far.

Soooo yeah thats an update on my Cosplay stuffs. Let me know which pokemon I should try ^^;
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