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Anyone want to go to a Smash Bros Launch Party?

Anyone interested in attending the Midnight Launch of the new Smash Bros game with me? One of the local Gamestops is having a tournament and possibly a character costume contest too (the clerk said they were but he didn't know anything else about it). I know some have you have costumes that qualify already (I'm looking at you and your Daisy, Tracy-tan!) and even if you Mario and Luigi are easy enough to do. Hell, you could even just grab a box and go as Solid Snake.

(Oh, and the cat would love to have you over again, Cassandra!)

It would be on the night of March 8th, a Saturday. You can spend the night at my place (keep in mind I have a cat though) and we can play Wii / Smash Bros all night. Or we can watch anime. Or have an orgy.* Your choice.

So is anyone interested?

*You are responsible for bringing your own supplies if we do indeed have an orgy.
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