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Anime Punch Pokemon Group

Ok!  Pokemon group has been approved for entering the contest.  I dunno if we want to do a skit or what, but I think at least Tracy and I are going to enter for craftsmanship(?) too.  Honestly, there's a bit of work that goes into ours so I know we'd at least like to bother with entering for that aspect. Let me know what you all want to do concerning entering craftsmanship and skits.

Here's the group as far as I know:

Me - Masquerain
Tracy - Magnezone
Melissa - Gabite
Lindsey - Mewtwo
Anne -
Nicole - Claydol
Terri - Snorunt

For those of you I don't have Pokemon written down for, please leave a comment with the name and a picture.  Thanks!  PS...anyone know if Jonette is coming and wants to get in on this?  Or Nic or Josh?
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