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Anime Punch skit?

So, since several of us don't have our Pokemons ready - any idea if any of us are doing a skit at Anime Punch?

Pokemon - who has something?

Ouran - A lot of us have outfits, and if just doing skit wouldn't matter that all the jackets don't match.

Crossover hijinx

or I can loan out some Naruto or a few Fushigi Yuugi outfits if anyone has any ideas. Right now I am blank on actual skit content.
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Anyone up for an Escaflowne group this year or next? I know some of you (cough) ryuuraigeki, takucyberwolf (cough) have some favorite characters already. And yes it's out of character for me, but dammit, I wanna do Hitomi.

Also, Kim and Tracy have talked to me about doing the Ghetto gathering at Colossal instead of Youma. Would that be more acceptable to you all?
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Ghetto Photoshoot for Youmacon 08

I'm officially calling together a Ghetto cosplay gathering for Youmacon of this year. It's been awhile since we've done this and lots of us will be at Youma, so I think it's the perfect time to show off some bad costumes!


1. Any anime / video game / manga you want to do is fine. I'm ruling out L and Light from Death Note now though as those are TOO easy.

2. Don't spend over ten bucks.

3. People have to be able to tell who you're cosplaying.

4. Do the best you can with the worst materials. Broadcloth, duct tape, cardboard, garbage bags etc are all fair game! Ghetto fabulous is the order of the day!

5. Feel free to "Amano" it up.

And, please, by all means get everyone else in on this! Rogue, Flexei, Izuro, CC Will, whomever is going to Youmacon should look just as ghettolicious as we will!

Concerning the Passport Issue

So I did some research and this is what I found.
Starting January 31st 2008 if you are driving to Canada you need a Goverment Issued ID with you. To prove that you are a United States Citizen.

Starting June 2009 however you WILL need a passport to drive to Canada.

I found this information on http://www.corporate.canada.travel
Im going to assume this is updated information. I found it through Yahoo.
Anyways so this is good news for me. Because that only means that I'll be going to Anime North ^^

If anyone has anything contradicting this let me know. Im hopeing this is right. Im going to keep looking though just incase ^^;
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Anime Punch weirdness

Alright guys, I know not everyone was planning on entering the craftsmanship portion of the contest at AP, however, for those of us that are...there's some kinda odd info in their rules that I thought you should know:

" You will be judged on overall effect, as well as craftsmanship, persona, and attitude. We are not simply looking to see that you are a dexterous tailor/seamstress, we are looking to see how well you can become your character, or how well your character becomes a part of you. In short, don’t just make an costume and put it on, WEAR the outfit, and wear it well! Dazzle us.

If you did not make your costume, don’t be afraid to tell us during judging. Give credit where credit is due. While we will take a look at the technical skill, it is only one of many areas we look at during cosplay judging. If we give an award, we want to make sure the proper parties get the credit due to them just as much as you will."

So...this is kinda weird.  First of all, it's not craftsmanship, at least not completely.  And it looks like even commissioned costumes are ok o_O;;  So...I guess I want to see if people still want to do "judging" in addition to a skit.  I think in this case, for me at least, I'm not going to bother with Masquerain (at least for AP), and instead I'm gonna do Sudowoodo because heck, why put in much effort for this?  Anyways, let me know what you guys think, plus what you want to do skit-wise.
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Pokeman dilemma?

Soo I decided to join everyone on the human pokemons. Since I hung out with Tracy yesterday and she kinda got me back in the loop. All the pokemon are cute and I am stuck between three pokemon T_T I dunno which three to do.
Phione or One of the Porygons. I Don't know which one it is ooorrrr Ivysaur

What do you guys thing. I don't really want to do anything too complicated. And i suppose Ivysaur is kinda Complicated but Ivysaur is my favorite pokemon i have to say ^^; other than like Pikachu aandd yeah ANYWAYS so yeah ^^;;

Uhm. Im going to attempt to go to Anime North. I just need to ask to switch Weekends that I requested off. And as far as Anime Punch. Im not sure. Hopefully I'll get Friday or Saturday or both off so I can come down ^^. Also im not sure how far into April the SSBB tournament is going im sure not too far into April but I know Adam wants me with him atleast up to the finals ^^; if he makes it that far.

Soooo yeah thats an update on my Cosplay stuffs. Let me know which pokemon I should try ^^;
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(no subject)

Bad news guys...chances are pretty good that I'm not gonna get the weekend off for Anime Punch. I might be able to come out one day or half a day though. I'm still gonna try and have my Pokemon dress done just in case!

Reasons behind this are that we don't have as many people in my dept anymore for coverage. ;_;

I'll let you know for sure when the time comes but for now and for planning purposes consider me out. Especially since if I work any day of that weekend it'll be Saturday.

Sorry guys! ;_;
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March 8th

Hey everyone! *waltzes in*

Sooo Kim will be in town Saturday and I'm free after I take the GMAT (wish me luck?). Who wants to meet up? I'd so go to Akron if it wasn't so far and I have to open at Express the next day. Boooo!

Tracikinssss are you coming down with Kim?

Leave details so we can plan, yes?
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Anyone want to go to a Smash Bros Launch Party?

Anyone interested in attending the Midnight Launch of the new Smash Bros game with me? One of the local Gamestops is having a tournament and possibly a character costume contest too (the clerk said they were but he didn't know anything else about it). I know some have you have costumes that qualify already (I'm looking at you and your Daisy, Tracy-tan!) and even if you Mario and Luigi are easy enough to do. Hell, you could even just grab a box and go as Solid Snake.

(Oh, and the cat would love to have you over again, Cassandra!)

It would be on the night of March 8th, a Saturday. You can spend the night at my place (keep in mind I have a cat though) and we can play Wii / Smash Bros all night. Or we can watch anime. Or have an orgy.* Your choice.

So is anyone interested?

*You are responsible for bringing your own supplies if we do indeed have an orgy.
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Anime Punch Pokemon Group

Ok!  Pokemon group has been approved for entering the contest.  I dunno if we want to do a skit or what, but I think at least Tracy and I are going to enter for craftsmanship(?) too.  Honestly, there's a bit of work that goes into ours so I know we'd at least like to bother with entering for that aspect. Let me know what you all want to do concerning entering craftsmanship and skits.

Here's the group as far as I know:

Me - Masquerain
Tracy - Magnezone
Melissa - Gabite
Lindsey - Mewtwo
Anne -
Nicole - Claydol
Terri - Snorunt

For those of you I don't have Pokemon written down for, please leave a comment with the name and a picture.  Thanks!  PS...anyone know if Jonette is coming and wants to get in on this?  Or Nic or Josh?
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